Sexual Dysfunction Expert Dr. Michael Zahalsky Presenting Results at SMSNA

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Dr. Z. He hates ED. He hates Peyronie’s Disease. He hates pretty much any form of sexual dysfunction, and has dedicated his practice and his life to helping patients regain their confidence through biologic therapies.

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This fall at the annual Scientific Meeting of the Sexual Medical Society of North America, Dr. Zahalsky will present findings from his work the past few years on biologics therapy for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. Dr. Zahalsky has put together a world renowned team of Urologists to assist in the research and education of biological products in Urology.  Dr. Rafael Carrion, part of Dr. Zahalsky’s respected team of UroCellZ Researchers, is currently leading an IRB-approved study.

“As I personally continue to see the success of our biologics research and treatment for sexual dysfunction, I want to shout from the rooftops how exciting this news is for a very large segment of our population,” says Dr. Zahalsky. “When we get to share our studies with other medical experts from around the world, it’s especially gratifying, educating peers and potentially changing the lives of patients.”

Previously, Dr. Zahalsky has presented his results at the American Urological Association Annual meeting and at the World Congress of Medical Sexology.

But Dr. Z also realizes action is just as important as information dissemination. That is why UroCellZ Research has teamed up withAtlanta, Georgia-based Vivex Biomedical, an authority on biological products and owner of the University of Miami Tissue Bank, the oldest civilian tissue bank in the country.  Previously, Vivex’s products have been used to treat orthopedic, spine, wound, and soft tissue injuries.  UroCellZ Research, believes that these same products and techniques can be used to help millions of people suffering from Urological conditions, especially male and female sexual dysfunction, but need to be studied appropriately first.

About Dr. Zahalsky & UroCellZ Research
Dr. Zahalsky is a respected Urologist, dual fellowship trained at Boston University and MIT in Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction.  Prior, he obtained his medical degree and a Masters in Epidemiology from Brown University.

He currently runs a large Urology practice in South Florida, Z Urology, lectures regularly on the applications of Biologics for Sexual Dysfunction and all of Urology, and has authored Peer Reviewed articles and is a reviewer for multiple medical journals.

UroCellZ Research is a clinical research group of 20 Sexual Dysfunction experts from around the United States who focus on advancing research and education in the rapidly growing field of Regenerative Medicine and Urology.

About Vivex Biomedical
Vivex Biomedical is a privately held company based out of Atlanta, Georgia focused on biologically active tissue forms that treat orthopedic, spine, wound and soft tissue indications. Vivex and its wholly owned subsidiary, UMTB Biomedical, Inc., own and hold exclusive rights to proprietary technologies in the field of biomedicine, stem cells, and orthopedic implant surface modification.

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