Changing the Game

baseballWe’ll be the first to admit that treating male sexual dysfunction is far from recreation. But like any condition needing more public awareness, especially for sufferers of Peyronie’s Disease, one of the best ways is to educate is to use analogies with every day things, increasing the audience’s understanding of the topic.

It doesn’t hurt to have a little fun too, especially when we’re talking about male genitalia and sexual function – topics that for most of history have been off limits for open conversation.

Sports are often played with balls, and often, so is intimacy. UroCellZ wants to help you hit a grand slam, slam dunk the basketball, cross the finish line… we want you to SCORE. We’re talking to you too ladies. This topic affects you just as much as it affects the fellas.

That’s why we like to talk about UroCellZ as “changing the game” when it comes to treatment of ED & Peyronie’s. The UroCellZ biologics treatment process was developed by leading research Urologist Dr. Michael Zahalsky.

michael-zahalsky-MD-570x760Dr. Z, as he’s affectionately known by his patients, was the first researcher to conduct stem cell trials with humans suffering from ED and Peyronie’s, and did so with great success.

He assembled a team of top physicians to join him as he launched UroCellZ, a network of board certified urologists across the United States to offer UroCellZ biologics therapy to men suffering from male sexual dysfunction.

For men who can’t take prescription medication for their ED because of other health conditions, for men who tried prescription medication for their ED, along with other existing methods, without success, and for men suffering from Peyronie’s, who previously often faced surgery as the only long term option for a chance at normal intimacy in the future, UroCellZ has been a GAMECHANGER.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I’m writing this testimony to share my experience in the hope it will help others. I had erectile dysfunction which even saying was and is difficult to say and admit. I know it is not my fault but the shame was enormous. My problem started as a result of taking Propecia because I was losing my hair. My vanity had a huge cost for me. It got slightly better over time but never near normal. I had to get a prescription for Viagra and that worked well for a while. Then at 48 while on vacation with my new girlfriend I had real problems. Nothing was working. I even went to the pharmacy and tried Cialis. Nothing.

I thought I was going to get dumped and I was down. I did a Google news search and found a story about Dr. Z and the Stem cells treatment. I emailed and ask to be in the next trial. First off the staff was amazing. Trust me that means so much when you are facing something like this.

I quickly scheduled the first stem cells treatment before visiting my girlfriend in another country. I was honest and explained what I tried. I had bad bruising and also continued with the cialis. Things were better and noticeably better after a week. I felt that I could maintain an erection on my own but was too freaked out after the last time with my girlfriend. So I didn’t take a chance. I only stayed with her about 10 days.

When I got back things were still getting better. I scheduled two more treatments. I also received Testopel implants because of low T but almost the lower side of normal. Those two seemed less effective for me. The first one was dramatic. Things still are not perfect but my relationship is stable and sex is good. I still take Cialis (I call it vitamin C). I am able to masturbate without taking anything and I get erections at night.

I absolutely feel the Stem cells treatment dramatically helped. I am hopeful that once the hormone levels can be solved that I can be back to normal. For me this was very helpful and I think once I get back home that I can make a full recovery. For the first time in years I have hope for a full recovery.”

— “S”

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