Under the direction of prominent research urologist Dr. Michael Zahalsky, UroCellZ developed a proprietary approach to several urologic maladies. Dr. Zahalsky’s practice was inundated with patients who tried common ED pills, but often failed. Many of these patients were dejected with the failed treatments and wanted a solution.

Dr. Zahalsky studied a litany of peer review medical papers regarding the benefits and revascularization capacity using a variety of carefully treated and scientifically processed human cells. By injecting a specific, measured quantity of biologics – primarily amniotic fluid, balanced with specific elements to maximize penile rejuvination; Dr. Zahalsky brings the benefits of regenerative technology to assist in difficult patients who have failed traditional oral or injection therapy.

The appropriate patients for Dr. Zahalsky’s treatment include any patient with Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease and those who have failed other therapies. Biologics therapy is offered in an office setting, so no surgery or hospital stay is required. Patients undergoing UroCellZ biologics therapy will usually receive 2-3 painless injections  directly into their penis on a monthly basis.


UroCellZ biologics therapy is administered by a board certified urologist.

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