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The foundation of UroCellZ Research dates back to 2011, when Dr. Michael P. Zahalsky started investigating and researching the use of stem cells and biologics in the field of Urology. During Dr. Zahalsky’s fellowship in Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Medicine at Boston University, he also performed genetic research at MIT. Combining these expertise with his Masters focusing on Epidemiology from Brown University, this made him the perfect physician to continue research in this novel field.

He studied multiple sources of stem cells and biologic products, seeking medical and legal opinions on them. Understanding the FDA regulations and opinions on human tissue was very important to him, assisting him in his quest to find autologous products for homologous use.  

In 2013, Dr. Zahalsky conducted the first human study in America using Placental Matrix and Stem Cells for Erectile Dysfunction, and the first human study in the world using Placental Matrix and Stem Cells for Peyronie’s Disease. These results have been presented at National and International Conferences and have been published and accepted for publication in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Dr. Zahalsky is now considered the world’s leading expert in the field of Regenerative Medicine and how it is used for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. UroCellZ was incorporated in 2015 to assist Dr. Zahalsky in his goal of changing the field of Sexual Medicine by using biologic products.

Dr. Zahalsky has now put together an advisory board to help him further advance the science and knowledge surrounding Biologics in Urology. All the physicians on this board are themselves considered experts in their fields.

Through education and research, UroCellZ Research plans to advance Sexual Medicine and Urology by introducing biologics into Urology.

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